Mika Brzezinski welcomed some very special guests onto the Morning Mika digital series last week — three live chickens.

During the MSNBC episode on May 2, Mika, 57, was joined by Jen Psaki, Huma Abedin and Symone Sanders-Townsend as they discussed animal rights. Mika has long been an animal lover and has several pets of her own.

“With so much talk about animal welfare on this week’s episode, I wanted to end by giving a shout-out to all of the organizations that are working hard to rescue and protect our dogs, cats and other furry creatures that bring so much joy into our lives,” she said at the end of the broadcast. “That includes the Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Maine, which is home to nearly 500 rescues, dogs, horses and other farm animals, no matter what their challenges and injuries are.”

“It’s also where K.C., my pet pig, lives,” Mika continued, as a photo of the pig flashed on the screen. “There she is,” Mika said proudly.

The political commentator then went on to share photos of her cohost’s pets, noting that Symone, 34, does not have any pets.

“Symone, we need to work on getting you some pets and you know what? I have a present for you guys right here,” Mika said before turning off to the side to grab something. Chirping could be heard in the background.

Mika Brzezinski Holds 3 Live Chickens During TV Episode
Courtesy of Mika Brzezinski/Instagram

“OK, are you ready for this?” she asked her costars with excitement. “Three chickens!” Mika said proudly while holding up three baby chickens in her hands.

“Aren’t they cute? Look at that,” she gushed. “I love chickens, and this has been literally the weirdest day.”

But then, one of the chickens flailed its wings and attempted to escape out of her hands. It nearly hit her in the face with its wing. To prevent an on-air crisis, Mika had to hand the animal off to someone working behind the camera. “Oh my,” Mika said with an expression of shock on her face as she looked off to the side.

She finished the segment by holding onto the two “well-behaved” chickens and encouraged viewers to send in photos of their animals. As the camera panned for one final shot, the third chicken could be seen sitting in the hands of someone working behind the camera.

Fans loved the segment, praising Mika for her dedication to animal rights organizations.

“Thank you, Mika, for valuing and respecting all creatures and using your voice consistently in their behalf! They also bring such joy when work and the world bring hard times … the rescue works both ways!!!” one person wrote in a comment on Mika’s Instagram page.

“I just love that you have such love and respect for animals, Mika!” another wrote.