Throughout her 56-year career in showbiz, Marie Osmond held onto a few prized possessions. The 60-year-old singer revealed she never got rid of the outfit she wore on The Andy Williams Show in 1964.

“This is the very first costume that I had made for me when I did my first television show. It’s not in a closet. I framed it,” she explained while showing off the ensemble on the April 9th episode of The Talk. Those are my shoes down there. They’re silver. But I was 3 years old and Andy introduced me as the youngest Osmond brother. So that’s the oldest dress I have.”

Marie Osmond

Marie’s cohosts — Eve, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and Carrie Ann Inaba — thought it was so sweet that the “Deep Purple” singer kept her childhood outfit for all that time. “Marie, what do you remember about that time?” Sheryl, 56, asked her friend.

“You know I remember going into the fitting. It was with Ret Turner. You know Ret. He actually gave Bob Mackie his first job. He did Carol Burnett. He did all those great shows,” Marie recalled. “But I remember that and I remember the gloves. I loved my gloves and the shoes, and my dad picking me up and putting me on a stage and seeing red lights. That’s all I got.”

The musician definitely has a great sense of style! Who can forget the time she wore a gorgeous blonde wig on the February 11 episode of The Talk? It was amazing!

There are so many ways to make yourself look hot and young and feel good about yourself,” the brunette beauty told Closer in February about rocking different looks“There are things that you can do at 20, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and there are ways for a person to really change your features and I think women get tired once they hit that 50. That’s when I come alive and I’m like, ‘Let’s fight it, girl!”

“[60 is] such a great age because as you enter in that era, you know who you are … it’s kind of like, this is me,” she added. “And I think it’s just a fun way to show people different ways to wear hair.”