There’s no denying Marie Osmond is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. The beloved The Talk cohost opens up about constantly changing her hair and reveals why adding wigs into her wardrobe is her secret to feeling younger and sexier than ever before in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly.

“There are so many ways to make yourself look hot and young and feel good about yourself,” the 60-year-old beauty gushes to Closer. “There’s different ages. There’s things that you can do at 20, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and there’s ways for a person to really change your features and I think women get tired once they hit that 50. That’s when I come alive and I’m like, ‘Let’s fight it, girl!”

Since debuting her beautiful blonde wig during the hit CBS talk show on February 11, the Donny & Marie star explains why she loves switching up the style of her hair so often. “[60 is] such a great age because as you enter in that era, you know who you are … it’s kind of like, this is me,” she shares. “And I think it’s just a fun way to show people different ways to wear hair.”

Celebrity hairstylist Cody Renegar says adding different hairstyles into Marie’s routine makes her feel even more beautiful and confident. “My whole goal is sexy 60,” The Talk stylist tells Closer. “That’s why we’re here, sexy 60.”

Besides feeling good about herself, Marie says fans have been loving her ever-changing looks, which have included a short, brunette bob, chopped bangs, long tresses and much more. “It gives people a lot of fun hair ideas on the show,” she reasons. “They can say, ‘I like that one, I like this one.’ Cody is so good at different cuts that women can look and watch and see what they like. And you can even get a wig.”

“I ask Cody ’cause a lot of people will say, ‘How do I make a wig look good?’” she continues, noting how The Talk viewers can achieve a look just as gorgeous as hers. “Ask the person that cuts your hair and take the wig, make sure it’s human hair, and cut it on there.”

Ron Jaffe/CBS

The “Paper Roses” songstress jokes it’s especially fun to keep her fans guessing about what look she’ll wear on stage next. “Whether they’re blonde and they see me in a blonde wig, and they go, ‘I love that pattern. I used to have red hair or dark hair,'” she says. “I wear short, dark things, and maybe my hair, maybe my hair’s long, I don’t know.”

Although Marie has already introduced a handful of new looks since teaming up with Cody on The Talk in early 2020, the adorable duo reveals they have much more in store. “The blonde broke the internet,” Cody marvels. “But you know what, stay tuned because you haven’t seen anything yet!”

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