Kelly Ripa and son Joaquin
Courtesy of Kelly Ripa/ Instagram

Twinning! Kelly Ripa and her 17-year-old son, Joaquin Consuelos, showed off their great sense of fashion when they wore matching “Six Gun Striking” T-shirts while quarantining in the Caribbean as a family.

“Some days they think I’m cool … thanks @sixgungibson. Consider me the seventh gun,” Kelly, 49, shared on Instagram on Tuesday, June 7.


While hunkering down in paradise, Kelly and her family have been enjoying a lot of great moments together, like celebrating her son Michael Consueloscollege graduation and cutting Joaquin’s hair. Although the teen was “arguing” with his mom the whole time, he ended up liking his fresh new cut.

“She did a really good job, I’m really happy,” Joaquin gushed on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “I feel much more aerodynamic right now. But the only thing is I turn on my phone and I have the face ID and it doesn’t recognize me because I used to look like Judge Judy and now I look like Joaquin … so it doesn’t know who I am.”

To get her look up to par for the morning show, the All My Children alum even enlisted the help of her daughter, Lola Consuelos, as her stylist. “I’m now in my daughter’s clothes,” Kelly jokingly revealed on the talk show in April. “[I’m] running out of things to wear.”

Life in the Caribbean may sound like a dream, but the family of five definitely has their struggles. Kelly has been keeping everyone busy by utilizing her “chore wheel” at their vacation home. She explained one week somebody would be vacuuming, and the next week they might end up doing the laundry. However, they all hope they don’t get the chore of cleaning the toilet because that’s “a very unpopular one.”

After hearing how the family operates, Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, a parenting expert, said it was a “fabulous” idea on Live. “There’s actually research that when kids contribute to their families in meaningful ways, they feel happier,” she said on the show. “That may not actually be a good argument to convince them to wash the toilet, but it’s true and it’s very good for kids.”

The former actress is making her time in quarantine count!