By the time quarantine is over, Kelly Ripa will be able to open her own hair salon! The Live With Kelly and Ryan host showed off the impressive haircut she gave her youngest son, Joaquin Consuelos, in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I did something last night,” the 49-year-old beauty told cohost Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, June 9. “I’ve cut every member of our family’s hair during quarantine because I’m still not brave enough to head into my hair salon or have anyone come to the house.”


Because Kelly is “afraid by nature of infectious diseases,” she’s not taking any risks when it comes to breaking quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, she’s taken on the role of a hairdresser to 17-year-old Joaquin, husband Mark Consuelos and the pair’s two eldest children, 23-year-old Michael Consuelos and 18-year-old Lola Consuelos.

“Yesterday, I decided that I would make a little video,” the All My Children alum explained. “While he was arguing with me, I thought I would do a video … but a time-lapse video. So I could show you me cutting his hair because I think I have a future in $500 haircuts.”

In the clip, Kelly looked like a professional hairstylist as she trimmed her handsome son’s lengthy brown locks. “He’s arguing with me the whole time,” the Hope and Faith actress joked while detailing how she perfected Joaquin’s “thick” and “dense” head of hair.

After the proud mom’s video concluded, she introduced Joaquin on Live so he could make his big reveal. “This is the after,” Kelly gushed as her beloved child took a seat next to his famous mama. “Dude, [it] looks great,” Ryan, 45, sweetly exclaimed.


“I know!” Joaquin proudly replied. “She did a really good job, I’m really happy. I feel much more aerodynamic right now. But the only thing is I turn on my phone and I have the face ID and it doesn’t recognize me because I used to look like Judge Judy and now I look like Joaquin … so it doesn’t know who I am.”

While briefly chatting with the American Idol host and Kelly, Joaquin revealed why he was bickering with Kelly as she chopped his tresses. “I just thought she was maneuvering around the follicles weird with the scissors,” he dished. “So I wasn’t sure on her strategy, but it worked. We might not ever have to go back to the barbershop again … this is a game changer!”

Considering Kelly — who tied the knot with Mark, 48, in 1996 — adores being a mom to her three kids, we bet she couldn’t be happier to be stuck at home with them amid the pandemic. However, the Emmy winner recently shared the most difficult part of living with her aging kiddos.

“The only challenge I think is surviving their endless — they make fun of [me and Mark] constantly,” Kelly hilariously revealed on Andy Cohen‘s show “Radio Andy” in mid-April. “Like it’s constant from the moment I leave the office. When I’m done with my show and I walk into the kitchen, they are on me. They are totally making fun of every word I say, everything I’ve done. Nobody is immune.”

Keep hanging in there, mama!

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