Getting stuff done. Kelly Ripa isn’t the only one doing chores around the house. She splits up the work with her husband, Mark Consuelos, and their three kids, Michael Consuelos, 23, Lola Consuelos, 19, and Joaquin Consuelos, 17, by using a “chore wheel” at home. During the Monday, June 22, episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, she revealed how that works.

“Somebody’s vacuuming, somebody does the dishes, somebody does the laundry, somebody cleans the toilet, [which is] a very unpopular one and we switch [every week],” the 49-year-old told Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, a parenting expert.


After hearing about Kelly’s chore wheel, Dr. Eileen said it was a “fabulous idea” and more families should do that at home. “There’s actually research that when kids contribute to their families in meaningful ways, they feel happier,” she said. “That may not actually be a good argument to convince them to wash the toilet, but it’s true and it’s very good for kids.”

Kelly and her family have been social distancing in the Caribbean amid the coronavirus outbreak. While there, the mom of three explained she’s been trying to “normalize” the pandemic for her children by letting her kids use their phones for as long as they want. But since Michael, Lola and Joaquin have been in quarantine for a few months, Kelly asked the doctor if she should start limiting their screen time.

“One thing you might want to do is ask your kids, ‘What do you think is a healthy amount of time to spend on their devices?’ And you may be surprised by how reasonable their responses are,” Dr. Eileen responded.

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Even though Michael has been using his phone without limits, he’s also been helping his mom film her talk show by producing the end of the program. Kelly revealed the Riverdale actor started helping her when he was still an undergrad at New York University, but he doesn’t think working on Live is anything special.

“I said to him, ‘Well, look at you. I mean, here you are. You’ve got a job before graduation. That’s got to make you feel good,'” the All My Children alum revealed on the ABC show in May. “He’s like, ‘Uh, yeah.’”

Sounds like Michael may have more fun doing the chore wheel at home.