Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Husband Will Love Her Until the End of Time! Learn 5 Fun Facts About Brian

Meant to be! Jennifer Love Hewitt snagged a great guy when she married Brian Hallisay in 2013. Since their union, the pair welcomed two beautiful kids — Autumn, 6, and Atticus, 4 — and are still going strong. On Monday, March 9, they had a lovely date night when Brian took Jennifer out for a romantic evening under the stars.

“Got to have a moment with my love tonight. Just us watching the light fade and it was perfect,” the Heartbreakers star wrote via Instagram. “The wine was really good. We have to breathe and take a moment. So important in all the craziness. Lucky to be married to my guy. #Love #wifeylifey #takeamoment #jlhwines.”

Even though no relationship is perfect, Jennifer doesn’t regret any moment she’s had with Brian. “The best thing I have ever done will always be marrying him, having our kids and watching them change and grow everyday,” the mom of two said in May 2018 Instagram post. She ended the caption using the hashtags, “#grateful, #happymommy, #happywifey, #luckygirl and #mylittlefamily.” Aww!

However, the best thing about Brian is that the actress can always count on him. During a February 2019 interview with Working Mother, Jennifer recalled a time her hubby calmed her down by giving her the best pep talk of her life.

He told her, “‘Love you, but you can’t be like this. Not sure who I’m supposed to be taking care of right now.’” By saying those words it made the I Know What You Did Last Summer star love her guy even more! Jennifer showed the world exactly how much she loves Brian by giving him a sweet shout-out for their 6-year wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary my love! The past 6 years have been amazing,” she wrote via Instagram in November. “Thank you for choosing me every day. I will always choose you. Love you. #wifey #anniversary #6years #gratitude.”

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