Sandra Bullock’s Handsome Boyfriend Is the Reason Behind Her Smile! Get to Know Bryan Randall

It’s no surprise the beaming smile across Sandra Bullock‘s face is thanks in part to her incredibly handsome boyfriend, Bryan Randall. Though the two have been dating for quite some time now, the Miss Congeniality star and the American photographer have kept much of their relationship out of the spotlight.

They are best friends and partners,” a source told Closer about the duo in August 2020, adding Sandra is Bryan’s “greatest supporter.” The couple’s whirlwind romance first began in January 2015 when a friend recommended Bryan shoot photos of Sandra’s son Louis at his birthday party. After completely hitting it off, it wasn’t long before their relationship blossomed into a full-on romance.

The lovebirds enjoy going out for date nights and also having lazy days inside with the Bird Box star’s two kids, Louis and daughter Laila. “Sometimes, they sit back and laugh because they look at their lives and they feel like an old married couple,” another source told Closer in July 2019. “They’re set in their ways and content. The kids are healthy and happy. This is all she’s ever wanted … this is heaven for Sandra.”

Things have been going so great that the Gravity star is thinking about getting married again after her 2010 divorce to reality TV star Jesse James. But since she and her beau know they don’t need the marriage label to feel completely in love, they’ve been dragging their feet to the altar.

“They don’t talk about their relationship status that much, but it’s pretty clear what they have is a very special bond,” a third insider revealed to Closer in June 2019. “Bryan proudly wears a wedding band on his wedding finger.”

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Because they rarely talk about their romance, some of Sandra and Bryan’s friends “swear” they secretly tied the knot. But in all actuality, they have yet to be engaged. Regardless, “Sandra and Bryan consider themselves a solid, committed, family unit,” the insider said. “There’s no doubt that he’s Louis and Laila’s dad.”

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