Rod Stewart Has One Big Family — Meet the Legendary Singer’s 8 Kids

Rod Stewart has spent decades creating hit after hit like “Maggie May” and “All for Love,” as well as selling over 100 million records, but the British singer has also taken some time to create quite the family.

The 74-year-old has an extensive history when it comes to welcoming kids into the world, as he had his first child in 1963 with his partner, art student Susannah Boffey. Rod and Susannah gave their daughter, Sarah Streeter, up for adoption. But that was the first of many children for Rod. He had two more in 1979 and 1980 with his first wife, model Alana Stewart. Seven years after his third child entered the world, the “Reason to Believe” singer had his fourth child, this time with Kelly Emberg.

We’re almost there, folks. Rod followed that with two more marriages. The first to another model, Rachel Hunter, in 1990, whom he had two more kids with. After splitting from Rachel in 2006, Rod remarried in 2007 to Penny Lancaster, whose profession is … a model. Two more Stewart kids joined the family during Rod’s third marriage. All in all, that’s eight kids with five different women.

Rod Stewart Penny Lancaster

The entertainer has been pretty open in the past of his role as a father. He once opened up and revealed that he regrets not spending more time with his children. “With Sean and Kimberly I was on tour a lot,” Rod explained while on Ireland’s The Late Late Show. “I was in debt to the IRS in the late 70s. I had to go and do a lot of touring so I didn’t see them.” However, these days the Grammy winner has been making up for lost time by hanging out with his kids a lot more.

In the summer of 2019, Rod and Penny were spotted on a yacht in Cannes, France, with their kids, and the hitmaker was of course all smiles. It is always great to hear just how much Rod is loving spending time with his family. We just know he will continue to do the same moving forward.

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