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‘Morning Joe’ Host Joe Scarborough’s Blended Family Is His World! Rare Photos of His 4 Kids

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is so proud of his kids! The former politician is a dad to four children: Joey, Andrew, Kate and Jack. He has shared rare photos of his family on Instagram since becoming a leading NBC personality

Joe welcomed his two eldest children, Joey and Andrew, during his marriage to Melanie Hinton, which lasted from 1986 to 1999. Like his father, Joey became a journalist. He is so thankful for all of the career advice that was passed down to him. 

“Don’t be discouraged by failure,” Joey shared while reflecting on some of the important lessons his dad taught him during a June 2011 interview with MSNBC. “My grandfather went to painstaking lengths to put food on the table for my dad’s family throughout the ‘60s but used every rejection from potential employers as added motivation to wake up the next day and work even harder. That mindset has empowered my dad to never take anything for granted and perform as well as he is capable in all aspects of his life.”

The reporter continued, “My brother and I (and my younger brother and sister will soon take notice), have seen it first hand and know the dedication it takes to be great at something,” adding, “After we beat him in basketball last Sunday for the first time in his life, he spent hours shooting baskets in the driveway, because he knew he could get better. If he can’t out-rebound me anymore, he understands the importance of developing an outside jump shot.”

During his marriage to Susan Waren, which lasted from 2001 to 2013, Joe welcomed his youngest two children, Kate and Jack. The political commentator, who is currently married to Morning Joe costar Mika Brzezinski, reflected on how his only daughter was developing a strong personality while growing up. 

“There’s a fierce independence within Kate that I think will serve her very well,” Joe told MSNBC in June 2018. “That said, I think there are still challenges in the world. I saw it with my mom and aunt, who were businesswomen – they knew their value and made sure that men knew they had value! So, I grew up with that, but it’s something I was taught again with Mika, who has fought so hard to reduce disparity.”

Scroll below to see rare photos of Joe’s kids over the years.