Princes William and Harry Aren’t Queen Elizabeth’s Only Grandchildren — Meet the Rest!

Basically, everyone knows Prince William and Prince Harry are Queen Elizabeth‘s grandchildren — but can you name the six other royal family members who call the monarch Granny? That’s right, the Queen is actually a grandmother-of-six, but many people don’t know much about her other grandkids!

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Harry, William, and the Queen.

For starters, Queen Elizabeth is a mother-of-four to Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Each of her four children then had two children themselves, making the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, grandparents-of-eight and great-grandparents-of-six! In a previous interview, Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, admitted one of Elizabeth’s youngest grandchildren, Lady Louise Windsor, was “shocked” to once learn her beloved grandma was actually the Queen of England.

“For Louise, actually, it was much more of a shock to the system. She was coming home from school and saying, ‘Mummy, people keep on telling me that grandma is the queen,'” Sophie shared. “[Louise said she] ‘didn’t understand.’ I don’t think she had grasped that perhaps there was only one queen.” How cute is that?!

Scroll down to meet all of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren, listed from oldest to youngest!