Oops! Kristen Bell revealed that her husband, Dax Shepard, once flirted with her mom, Lorelei Bell, via text message. “She was coming in town, and she sends him a text like, ‘Be there by 11,’” the 39-year-old actress began the hilarious story during the Tuesday, February 25, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “And then sends something else that says, ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight.’ And he meant to respond smiley face, smiley face, smiley face, and instead he responds, eggplant, eggplant, eggplant,” referring to the vegetable emoji, which can also be used in a sexual situation.

Of course, the 45-year-old podcast host was mortified. “And when he did it, he went, ‘Oh no! I made a huge mistake.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He shows me the phone,” she continued. “And by the way, the minute you involve an eggplant emoji, the whole story changes because now it reads, ‘I will be there at 11. Can’t wait to see tonight,’” she said in a sexy voice. “Which is not now the original texts read or what she intended.”

Kristen Bell Chatting With Ellen DeGeneres

Luckily, Kristen’s mom didn’t “know what an eggplant emoji was.” Ellen quipped, “She does now.”

The couple — who has been together since 2007 and share daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5 — are very candid when it comes to talking about their relationship. In fact, the Frozen 2 star revealed sparks didn’t fly when they met at a birthday party back in the day. “I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship,” she said on the Today show in November 2019. “The only thing that I remember is that he talked so much. I was like, ‘This guy can talk!’”

“I didn’t know who he was,” the blonde beauty added. “I was like, ‘Maybe that’s one of the guys from Jackass or something?’”

Ultimately, the Parenthood alum got her number, and the two hit it off from there. “I was like, ‘OK, starting it off with a really good joke that makes me feel, like, butterflies. … I fell in love with him way before he fell in love with me,” she admitted.

During Kristen’s chat with the talk show host, 62, she also confessed her youngest daughter recently washed her hair with vaseline instead of shampoo. The Gossip Girl alum went to make dinner and left her youngest tot alone, which ended up being a big mistake. “So she’s in there and I go to get her out, and I go, ‘Oh, I don’t think you got all the conditioner out.’ And she’s like, ‘No I rinsed it,’” Kristen continued. “And 10 minutes later, as I’m putting her pajamas on and I’m like, ‘What did you use?!’ … [Delta’s] like, ‘The vaseline!’”

KRisten Bell Wearing a Pink Dress With Dax Shepard
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Despite the bathtub debacle, it sounds like Kristen and Dax are solid!