Could you imagine if Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had their own TV show?! The beloved actress teased the possibility of an upcoming joint project while recently attending the Winter Television Critics Association’s Press Tour. Although she made no promises, the star of Apple TV+’s upcoming animated series Central Park revealed she and her husband are currently brainstorming some potential ideas for an onscreen gig.

“Oh always, always, always, always, always,” Kristen, 39, revealed to Closer Weekly and other reporters when asked if she and Dax, 45, would ever appear in a production together. “We’re discussing it right now, there’s an idea in the works that may or may not come to fruition.”

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

However, Kristen explained the project would have to be nearly perfect for them to sign on. “Here’s the thing … you got to make sure it’s a good idea because the blunt truth is that we get offered a lot of things like, ‘Would you guys host this whatever? Would you guys do this sitcom together?’ And we don’t just want to do it [just] to do it,” she explained. “We want it to be good and so we spend a lot of time percolating on what the right idea would be.”

Kristen and Dax — who tied the knot in 2013, and share daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5 — have their explanations as to why they’re so picky about gigs. “Are we saying something with it? Are we going to have fun with it? Are the hours going to be digestible for our family life?” she reasoned. “So there’s so many variables that it does take a little bit of time, but yes, I would work with him in a heartbeat.”

While the longtime lovebirds have quickly become one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, Kristen joked their two kids aren’t as impressed by their celebrity status. After revealing the exciting news of a possible upcoming project, the Frozen star dished exactly what Lincoln and Delta think of their famous mom and dad.

“Am I cool with my kids? No. I mean, do I think I’m cool? One hundred percent,” she joked with Closer. “Do I tell them I’m cool all the time? Absolutely.” Although Kristen couldn’t help but toot her own horn, she joked her little girls feel the exact opposite. “They don’t. No, they don’t think I’m cool. And I can tell because every time I try to, like, pick out an outfit for them, they just look at me with disgust.”

Kristen joked she’s so “not cool” to her adorable daughters, Lincoln and Delta “don’t ever want to know the secrets of Frozen, which horrifies me,” she hilariously added. “I know it’s really sad. It’s in your DNA to reject your parents though so it’s OK.”

If Kristen and Dax end up working together, we hope Lincoln and Delta will be fans of their gig!