LOL! Kristen Bell learned you can’t take your eyes off your toddlers as she recalled how her youngest daughter, Delta, recently washed her hair with vaseline.

“That is the back of my youngest daughter Delta’s head … there’s a good story behind it,” the Veronica Mars star, 39, revealed during her Monday, February 24, appearance of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As a photo of Delta’s messy brunette head appeared on the massive TV screen, Kristen began to explain how her little girl used “quite a bit of the vaseline” to wash out her hair.


“Delta is 5, she just turned 5. So she has this intense obsession with bathing with her stuffies,” the Good Place actress explained. “She likes to take all of her stuffed animals into the bathtub and in my head, I’m like, this is a cool sensory thing and I’m going to let her do it.”

Kristen — who is also the proud mom of 6-year-old daughter Lincoln with husband Dax Shepard — revealed the shower snafu happened when she decided to step out of the bathroom for a moment. “She role-plays with them and so she wants me to leave the room and now that she’s 5, I can start to make dinner, I mean, there’s this much water in the tub,” she explained.

“So she’s in there and I go to get her out, and I go, ‘Oh, I don’t think you got all the conditioner out.’ And she’s like, ‘No I rinsed it,'” Kristen continued. “And 10 minutes later, as I’m putting her pajamas on and I’m like, ‘What did you use?!’ … [Delta’s] like, ‘The vaseline!'” Ha!

As the beloved talk show host, 62, wondered why and how little Delta got her hands on a tub of the petroleum jelly-based product, Kristen couldn’t help but take the blame. “Because her mother left her alone in the bathroom and she likes sensory play,” the Frozen star jokingly dished. “And how you get it out is this … it was three rounds of Hello Bello shampoo, one round of clarifying shampoo, two rounds of dish soap and we still had to wait four days because none of that worked.”

Despite their best efforts, Kristen told Ellen that she and Dax, 45, were eventually able to get the gook out. “No, we didn’t touch it,” she teased. “I mean, who has she got to impress?”

Instagram / @kristenanniebell

Although the longtime lovebirds are more than willing to share silly stories with their fans, Kristen and Dax are still dead-set on keeping Lincoln and Delta out of the public eye. In February 2019, the doting mom explained why she and the Hit and Run actor refrain from sharing photos of their daughters.

“If [Dax and I] expose our kids’ faces, there is a real threat of them getting stalked, or of a stranger coming up to them and knowing their name,” Kristen replied to a fan via social media at the time. “It’s a safety thing … I don’t fault other parents for showing their kids when they don’t have the same safety concerns.”