We can’t get enough of Goldie Hawn! The 74-year-old actress was seen going to lunch with a friend on Monday, January 7, in a very comfy outfit. Instead of getting dressed up in her best attire, Goldie sported a cute little fanny pack which she wore over her black leggings and tank top.

The Overboard star’s outing comes just a few weeks after she spent Christmas with her family in Aspen, Colorado. The trip was so much fun that Goldie and her 68-year-old beau, Kurt Russell, had an amazing time!

Goldie Hawn

“Goldie and Kurt love getting away to Aspen for the holidays. It’s a family tradition,” an insider recently shared with Closer Weekly. “The older Goldie and Kurt get, the more blessed they feel. Being together, just the two of them, skiing or relaxing, they consider that perfect happiness.”

When they’re together, the two act like they’re “best friends,” the source noted. Besides spending time with each other, they also enjoy hanging out with their children, Kate Hudson, 40, Oliver Hudson, 43, Boston Russell, 39, and Wyatt Russell, 33, and their grandkids.

“Being surrounded by their children and grandchildren is what life is all about,” the insider explained. “Skiing is their number one activity, followed by planning family dinners and watching movies, and of course Goldie’s favorite pastime, shopping.”

Goldie Hawn out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Jan 2020

“She loves shopping for herself and her homes, but now the grandkids come first,” the insider added. “She loves buying them outfits, books and toys.”

We can only imagine all of the gift’s Kate’s 1-year-old baby, Rani Rose, must have received after she was born. Her grandma probably showered her with presents after taking one look at Rani’s adorable face.

My mom is my great confidante! I pretty much tell her everything,” Kate previously gushed about the First Wives Club star. “Look, unfortunately, or fortunately, our family is very open. There’s some things we don’t want to necessarily know about each other, but everything is just out on the table in our family.”

What an incredible brood!