A sweet memory. A new member joining the family is always a memorable moment, and Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver remember the time Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had their first child together.

“One Christmas, Santa leaves a little present and we all see it,” the Almost Famous actress, 40, said on the first episode of her new podcast with her older brother titled “Sibling Rivalry.”

“It was in the chimney. There were sleigh tracks going off of the roof. Blitzen’s bells had come off of his neck and they were laying in the snow on the roof and then stuck in the chimney was a present that got left behind,” Oliver, 43, recalled. And what was that gift? Let’s just say that it was something quite special.

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“We open the present from Santa because we didn’t know what it was and it was a little onesie. And we were like, ‘What does this mean?’ Cut to, mom and pa were pregnant,” the Weight Watchers ambassador continued. “It was a great way to kind of slip it in there with the kids that there might be a kid on the way. And mom and pa are preggers with little Wyatt. Wyatt Russell.”

That was quite some time ago, as Wyatt was born in 1986, is an actor like his siblings, and is now married to fellow actress Meredith Hager. However, that wasn’t the only incredible moment the famous brother and sister recalled — they also remember the time their parents fell in love with one another.

Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell
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“We were living in deep Malibu. Mom said that’s sort of when she fell in love with Kurt, [it] was right away because she had brought him back to the house and we had already been asleep,” the Oscar-nominee explained on the podcast. “We shared a room, and I remember we had twin beds and I had Annie sheets and you had ‘Star Wars’ sheets and we were sleeping.”

“Mom said he walked in and he saw us and she unexpectedly thought that he was going to peek in and see them, but he sat down next to each of us,” Kate continued. “He sat down next to you first and watched you sleep and then came by. I believe he watched me the longest, according to the story. When mom tells me the story, I feel like I was the last one that he looked at and then he sat there for a really long time.” So great!

It’s no surprise this family as so many sweet memories, as they are filled with nothing but love for each other!