It looks like Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson agree that mom Goldie Hawn‘s longtime relationship with Kurt Russell goes down as one of Hollywood’s sweetest romances! While recently chatting about their famous family during the first episode of their new podcast, “Sibling Rivalry,” the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress and the Nashville actor shared the “beautiful story” of how their mom knew their stepdad was the one.

“We were living in deep Malibu. Mom said that’s sort of when she fell in love with Kurt, [it] was right away because she had brought him back to the house and we had already been asleep,” Kate, 40, explained during the episode titled “Getting to Know You,” which was released on Monday, November 4. “We shared a room, and I remember we had twin beds and I had Annie sheets and you had Star Wars sheets and we were sleeping.”

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The Almost Famous star then detailed the super sweet moment that Goldie, 73, witnessed when they got home from a night out. “Mom said he walked in and he saw us and she unexpectedly thought that he was going to peek in and see them, but he sat down next to each of us,” she explained. “He sat down next to you first and watched you sleep and then came by. I believe he watched me the longest, according to the story. When mom tells me the story, I feel like I was the last one that he looked at and then he sat there for a really long time.” Aww!

In true sibling fashion, Kate and Oliver then hilariously began teasing each other. “Maybe he was just trying to figure you out? That can be true,” the Splitting Up Together actor, 43, suggested, before getting cut off. “I was younger and probably cuter. I was like 3. You were like older,” she replied. “You know what I mean?”

As Oliver joked that he was in his “awkward phase” at the time, the Bride Wars actress took a moment to show her older brother who’s boss. “Yeah … you weren’t as cute. It was just like oh god he’s cute and then it was like, ‘there goes Katie and she’s like really cute’ because I was so little,” she quipped. LOL!


After the little sibling spat concluded, Oliver and Kate — who also share brothers Boston Russell, 39, and Wyatt Russell, 33 — got back on the topic of their mom and stepdad’s relationship. Although the two were gushing over the heartwarming moment they shared with the Overboard actor, 68, Oliver couldn’t help but joke about his intentions.

“Here’s the thing. He was also trying, maybe you know, to get in mom’s pants. OK? So there’s that aspect,” Oliver said as Kate broke out in laughter. “So it’s like let’s go to the daughter a little longer you know because of the mother-daughter relationship. Yeah. So that’s what it was.”

Kate joked that Goldie — who first began dating Kurt in 1984 and have been in love ever since — waited a very long time for her handsome beau to get up. “She’s like ‘Kurt? Should we do something? I mean, should we get a drink?’ He’s, like, still in there,” Kate explained. “Yeah, I loved that story cause she realized then, as mom says, that values and kids and family values was everything to Kurt.”

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Kurt’s adorable gesture comes as no surprise considering the Tombstone actor has always shared a special relationship with his longtime girlfriend’s kids. In fact, a source told Closer Weekly in May that their bond only strengthened when Kate became a mom herself.

“Kurt has always been close to Kate and seen her as his own daughter, so he couldn’t be prouder as he watches her embrace motherhood,” the insider revealed to Closer at the time. “He loves nothing more than taking the kids for a weekend if Kate is working or traveling and he’ll play video games with the boys and let them eat a lot of chocolate. The same goes for [Oliver’s] children!”

We couldn’t love the Hudson and Russell family more!