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Alex Trebek Looks Healthy While Assisting Wife Jean Trebek With the Chores at Home

TV personality Alex Trebek is looking better these days. He appeared to be in a good mood while being photographed taking out the trash from his Los Angeles home one year after revealing he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Over the year, the Jeopardy! host has been relying on his family more than ever, mainly his wife, Jean Trebek, who has been using sound healing to ease her husband’s symptoms. “The human voice has so much power and healing,” she told “It’s like how when a mother sings a lullaby to her baby, it’s the intention in her voice that is calming the baby. She’s singing the words of love and beauty to this little baby, and the baby feels that in the vibration of her voice.”

By using this practice, which Jean has been studying for 10 years, Alex feels like he’s not fighting cancer alone. In May, he gave a shout-out to all the caretakers who help their loved ones through difficult times. “There’s not much they can do, except try to make you feel more comfortable, at ease and not worry about ordinary stuff,” he said to People.

With Jean and his three kids, Nicky, 53, Matthew, 30, and Emily, 27, by his side, Alex happily revealed he beat the odds of living with pancreatic cancer for one year. After being “near remission!” in May 2019, the doting dad has been looking more cheerful while making public appearances with his family.

“Alex says he never would have been able to get through his cancer battle without Jean. There were some very dark days when he just wanted to give up, but she has a way of lifting his spirits,” a source previously told Closer Weekly about the couple. “She makes him smile when he least expects it. He says he’s only beaten the odds this long because of his wife’s daily support.”

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