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Bryan Brunati

While Staff Writer Bryan Brunati is usually writing about the Royals on Closer Weekly and waiting for Donny and Marie Osmond to finally accept his invite to hang out with him, he has also become quite accustomed to other things like never getting around to watching shows people recommend, still convincing himself he will one day “start eating healthy” and dropping references from The Office whenever appropriate. He is also still quite fond of Conan O’Brien and appreciates how he’s made self-deprecation a true art form. 

Work or writing background leading to expertise

Bryan started with Closer Weekly in November 2018 and is tasked with working the weekends and making sure no breaking stories get by him. This is sometimes difficult, as his cat’s favorite activity includes gnawing on his ankles. While that threat is always there, Bryan still finds a way to write upwards of 45 articles a week, with each post including a joke that he finds funny — although the jury is still out if others find hilarity in any of them. He will keep you updated.


After realizing that people are impressed by those with a college background, Bryan did obtain an English degree from the University of Central Florida. He would say “Go Knights!” but then you would ask him about college football and Bryan is not ready to dive into a topic he knows nothing about. Sorry in advance.

Work history

Bryan has been dabbling in writing for quite some time now — most recently he was a senior editor at Mandatory. He also has plenty of older articles all over the internet. Many of them make him cringe these days, so he will leave it up to you to go on your own awkward article scavenger hunt. For now, you can find him on Twitter. Feel free to reach out to him if you want to share kind words. However, he prefers any negative responses be handwritten and delivered. He just feels it is more romantic that way.

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