Get to Know Country Star Carrie Underwood’s 2 Kids Isaiah and Jacob

She is known as an American Idol winner and one of the biggest country stars out there — but if there’s something that Carrie Underwood cares more about than all of that it is her two wonderful kids.

After tying the knot in 2010, the singer, 36, and her husband, Mike Fisher, welcomed their first child in 2015 — a son they named Isaiah. However, that wouldn’t be all for the pair, as they would also have another kid, Jacob, in January 2019. “Carrie and Mike couldn’t have been more excited about introducing their son Jacob Bryan to the world,” an insider told Closer Weekly at the time. “He’s the cutest thing ever and the family couldn’t be happier. Carrie can’t believe how blessed she is. This is a great time for Carrie and Mike and they’re going to cherish every single moment.”

These two kids have of course been a blessing, especially since the hitmaker once revealed that she suffered three miscarriages.

“I was still trying to do my job and put on a smiley happy face and be Carrie Underwood,” the musician admitted to The Guardian about dealing with her tragic losses. “And then I’d go home and fall apart.” But while the experiences were tough, Carrie decided to speak about them for an important reason.

“It’s something that people don’t really talk about. Even people who are my friends and I know well, after I talked about it were like, ‘My gosh, me too!'” she told the outlet. “And I feel like it’s something I should’ve known about them.”

These days, Carrie is, of course, doing wonders as a mom — although she isn’t perfect, as she once confessed that she still commits mistakes. “Thanks to the nice lady who offered to buy me a drink at lunch today after I carried my naked, poo covered, screaming baby up the stairs and back to my table,” the Grammy winner said via Twitter in March 2019. “It was a rookie mistake leaving the diaper bag at the table and only taking a diaper and two wipes. Never again.”

Carrie Underwood honored with Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, USA – 20 Sep 2018

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