He was in the industry over 50 years, and in that time Jack Nicholson not only built quite the resume, but also established one incredible net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 82-year-old is worth $400 million. But the Hollywood star did not get to that massive number overnight. Jack is best known for his incredible performances in classic films like ChinatownOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestA Few Good Men and As Good As It Gets. The father-of-five has been recognized for his work as well, reeling in three Oscar awards— even though the icon once confessed that he always used to have a bit of nerves before beginning every project.

“There’s a period just before you start a movie when you start thinking, I don’t know what in the world I’m going to do,” Jack explained during an interview with the Guardian. “It’s free-floating anxiety. In my case, though, this is over by lunch the first day of shooting.”

Jack Nicholson
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Throughout his career, Jack has also had the honor to work alongside many other big-time actors including Tom CruiseLeonardo DiCaprioMorgan Freeman and Peter Fonda. “Working with Jack was really exceptional because you’re working with someone who started out really as a writer,” the Mission: Impossible star, 57, once gushed to GQ UK. “He appreciates good writing, understands it, and knows how to turn certain phrases.”

“One thing doesn’t sum up Jack Nicholson. You can see an evolution in his work. I mean, look at his character in ‘About Schmidt.’ That’s what I appreciate. You just line up his movies and go, wow!” Tom continued. “When you see Jack on screen, you’re looking at him in a frame, and you’re thinking, why are my eyes drawn to that guy? Look at ‘Chinatown’ — the guy is so alive on screen. He’s so charismatic. I mean, listen, it’s why some people are movie stars.”

JJack Nicholson

“Jack also understands, I think, the power he has. And he enjoys it. And you enjoy that he enjoys it. That’s key,” Tom added. “You know, he’s enjoying it, so we’re enjoying it too.”

While Jack retired from acting in 2010 — his final role was in The Bucket List — we won’t ever forget all of the great performances he gave us