Jamie Lee Curtis Is Crazy About Her Kids — Meet the ‘Halloween’ Star’s Children Annie and Thomas

As an actress, Jamie Lee Curtis clearly gives it her all, but the same can be said when it comes to her role as a mother to her two wonderful kids.

The Halloween actress, now 60, and her husband, Christopher Guest, tied the knot in 1984, and they have adopted two children — Annie and Thomas. “Adoption was the only way for us to have a family,” Jamie once revealed to Pact’s Point of View newsletter. “People who adopt who are fertile have a more difficult decision than when you have no other option. It becomes the viable option for you. If you want to be a family, that’s how you’re going to be it.”

Jamie also revealed just how impactful being a mother truly was. “Motherhood has changed everything in my life,” she told the publication. “When I began acting, I did not assume I would ever have a child. I made choices based on my life then. …  Now I make every decision with my children in mind. I choose my roles carefully.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Kids

While she is a great mom, the Golden Globes winner has two amazing parents herself: Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, who were also in the industry. However, the couple split apart when Jamie was only 3. “My mother and stepfather [Robert Brandt] were married for 43 years, so I had a very good role model for that,” the Freaky Friday costar explained at the ICG Publicists Awards in Los Angeles in March 2019.

Perhaps as a result, “I’m still married to my first husband, and we proudly have two beautiful children,” Jamie said at the event. “And my daughter, Annie, is going to be married this year, I’m just saying.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

“One of the great benefits of being the daughter of great film stars is I had the opportunity to watch them play the game,” Jamie added. It is quite clear that the A-lister has learned plenty from her folks, and is now handing it down to her children!

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