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Eddie Murphy Has Quite a Large Family! Learn All About the Comedy Legend’s 10 Kids

Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy has had his hands full ever since fiancée Paige Butcher gave birth to their second baby together, Max Charles Murphy, in December 2018. Max’s arrival was quite a milestone in more ways than one, as the little bundle of joy was Eddie’s 10th child.

You heard right, the Beverly Hills Cop actor has kept himself extremely busy throughout his life, and because of that, he can literally count all of his children on both hands. In addition to Max, Eddie is the proud father of his older kids, Eric, Bria, Christian, Miles, Shayne, Zola, Bella, Angel and Izzy, and this family tree has quite a few branches!

Eddie shares two kids with Paige, five children with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy and a son from a previous relationship with Tamara Hood. Eddie has another son with Paulette McNeely and one daughter with pop star and TV personality Melanie “Mel B” Brown. No matter how busy he is with his family, though, Eddie couldn’t feel more “blessed” to be the dad of 10 kids.

“I really, really got lucky,” the Oscar nominee gushed during an appearance on Marc Maron‘s “WTF” podcast in March 2021. “I am going to be 60 in April, and I have all these babies. I love fatherhood.”

During his rare interview about his family, Eddie praised his children for being incredible people. “My kids are smart and are trying to do stuff. I am blessed with my kids,” he marveled, noting all of his little ones are extremely well-behaved and respectful.

“I don’t have one bad seed,” the proud dad sweetly insisted. “I don’t have any like ‘Oh you are the one.’ I don’t have any of that. My kids are so great, normal people — and nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid.”

Though Eddie is still working in showbiz, at this point in his life, he’s more concerned with raising his younger children. “The whole idea of being out there and doing three movies a year, that s—t is over,” he told the host. “I found over and over again and along the way, I realized that if you put your children first, you never make a bad decision.”

The Dolemite Is My Name star revealed his kids are also always at the forefront of his mind when making decisions in terms of his career. “When you hit a crossroads moment or you have got some s—t, you think, ‘Well, what is best for my children?’ If you go that route then you never make a bad decision,” he shared.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos and learn more about Eddie Murphy’s 10 kids.