Here’s the Family! Meet Hollywood Legend Jack Nicholson’s 5 Amazing Kids

What a supporting cast! Jack Nicholson is known for his incredible acting, his strong eyebrows and his love of basketball, but there’s a lot more to him — like his big family.

The Oscar winner is a father to five children with four different women. His first child, daughter Jennifer Nicholson, was born to actress Sandra Knight, the only woman Jack has been married to. Later, the As Good As It Gets star welcomed four more children: a son with actress Susan Anspach, a daughter with model Winnie Hollman and two kids with actress Rebecca Broussard. The very private actor once touched on his role as a father.

“Well, it’s a divided parenthood, with their wonderful mother and myself. We’ve always gotten along. I want to be inspirational, or some kind of good influence on them without overburdening them,” the icon told AARP Magazine in an interview. “It’s their time of life to find out who they are. I always read to them, from childhood on; I think that’s a father’s responsibility. I took them to things I knew they might not love — opera, ballet. They like going to the ball games with me.”

Jack Nicholson

“They are very comfortable around show business; they are good set rats,” he continued. “They walked in on my death scene in The Departed. I said, ‘If I can get these two kids really worried, I’m doin’ my job!'”

Jack even gushed about his youngest son, Ray. “Ray might not tell you exactly what he’s up to, but once he’s got his mind set on something, he’s gonna stick to it and take care of business, no matter what me or anybody else says,” Jack explained. While the Hollywood star stays out of the spotlight these days after retiring from acting, his grandson Duke decided to let his fans know how his grandfather has been doing.

“He’s doing great. He’s 100 percent,” Duke told The Hollywood Reporter, shutting down the claims that the legend was potentially suffering from an illness. We’re really glad to hear he is doing fantastic!

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