In this latest issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now, Jack Nicholson’s ex-wife, Sandra Knight, opens up about their marriage and shares the side of him that only she knew.

“The real Jack is a loving, caring, giving person,” Sandra — who is his first and only wife — tells Closer, insisting there’s more to Jack than his caddish reputation. “We had a very beautiful, sweet marriage,” Sandra tells us of their six-year union that produced their daughter, Jennifer, now 52.

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But when Sandra left him and moved away with Jennifer, it devastated Jack. The betrayal also soured him to commitment. “Marriage was a hot stove. He touched it, got burned and never did it again,” Marc Eliot, author of Nicholson: A Biography tells Closer.

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Jack in August 2015.

But he did love again, “Jack has always had that quality that draws women to him,” an insider tells Closer, “He throws off a certain electricity and he knows it.”

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Though he doesn’t dwell on his lost loves, a part of Jack, now nearly 80-years-old, still wishes things had turned out differently. “I’ve had everything a man could ask for,” Jack has said. “But I don’t know if anyone could say I’m successful with affairs of the heart. I would love that one last real romance.”

To read the full story on Jack, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now!

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