Dustin Hoffman Is a Proud Dad of 6 Kids! Learn All About the Oscar Winner’s Children

He is known as one of the greatest actors of all time — with countless accolades to his name — but Dustin Hoffman is first and foremost all about his family. The film icon is the doting dad of his six kids: Karina, Jenna, Jacob, Rebecca, Maxwell and Ali.

The legendary actor has been married twice in his life. The first came to actress Anne Byrne in 1969, welcoming two children together. Dustin adopted Anne’s daughter Karina from a previous relationship, and they had their own child, Jenna, in 1970. The pair parted ways, however, in 1980.

That same year, The Graduate star tied the knot again to businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen. They went on to have four kids of their own — Jacob, Rebecca, Maxwell and Ali. Though his kids are all adults now, he reminisced on how he approached parenting in 2017, and how his own strained relationship with his father influenced how he raised his kids.

“You inherit certain things,” he told Time magazine. “My wife, we’ve been together 40 years, and she knew my parents. There were times when the kids were little and I would get upset, and she would say, ‘[Your father] Harry’s coming out.’ And she was right. I don’t think there’s a way around it. You spend a lifetime – I do anyway – trying to un-wreck yourself. Because you’ve been wrecked.”

To avoid putting  that pressure on his own children, Dustin “never encouraged”  his kids to “see his work.” “There were no posters on the wall,” he told Time. “I don’t have a kid who’s seen everything I’ve done. I don’t want to belabor them in that way.”

Today, the Oscar winner and his second wife remain happily married and she is still the rock in his life keeping him down to earth. “I say in Hollywood it is like dog years, so you have to multiply that by seven,” Lisa once joked exclusively to Closer about her union, adding that after decades, she and Dustin “are more in love” today and their affection for each other “continues to grow.”

Scroll on down to learn a bit about each of Dustin’s six kids!

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