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Whatever Happened to the Cast of ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’? See Where They Are Now!

We all know Madonna as the pop star who gave us “Hung Up” and “Material Girl,” but in 1985, she made her mark in movies when she played Susan Thomas in Desperately Seeking Susan.

“It was cool,” Madonna’s costar Rosanna Arquette recalled to Vulture about doing the film. Although she had a lot of great experiences on set, Rosanna will never forget the day she learned Madonna was joining the cast.

“They told me about this pop star that was just blowing up while [the casting] was happening. Suddenly it was like, ‘Who’s this beautiful girl singing this pop song?'” Rosanna recalled. “I remember watching her in the ‘Lucky Star’ video and just going, “Oh my god.” It was electric. Everybody at that time fell in love with her. Including me. I remember her cool outfit — I’d just got one too, and I wasn’t wearing it, but the Agnes B. pencil skirt. Her whole look, with the black rubber bracelets — she just had this whole vibe.”

Even though Rosanna and Madonna didn’t have a lot of scenes together, they still became good friends. “We were very bonded during the movie. Very close during the making of the film. We’ve kept in touch through the years,” the blonde-haired beauty remembered. “I have lost touch with her, but a few years ago I went to Madonna’s Oscar party with Laura Dern, and saw her for a minute. The year Guillermo del Toro won Best Director in 2018. I haven’t seen her since, though. I missed her shows. I wanted to go, but I was out of town.”

When asked if she would change anything about that night, Rosanna said she doesn’t regret a thing. “No, no. She was in her party mode. We didn’t get a chance to really talk. I see her from afar, like everyone,” she said.

Since then, Rosanna and Madonna have gone on to achieve so many goals in their lives! They both have successful careers and they’ll always remember the time they spent on Desperately Seeking Susan.

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