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11 Celebrity Kids Who Tried to Follow in Their Parents’ Footsteps — and Failed

Most celebrity kids go on to have careers that mirror their famous parents, but nepotism doesn’t work for everyone. Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner both have offspring who probably wish their acting careers were in better shape. Lucky for them, they don’t have to work for a living.

Kevin has a lot of kids — seven to be exact! Grace, Cayden and Hayes are all a little too young to start acting, and his two oldest sons, Liam and Joe, haven’t shown much of an interest. However, his two oldest daughters, Lily and Annie, have both had their fair share of time in the spotlight. After only scoring acting gigs in their father’s movies, they moved on to other endeavors.

“Annie graduated from Brown,” Kevin told the Huffington Post in a December 2017 interview. “She’s a real worker. She helps write legislation in Rhode Island, environmental legislation. She’s probably going to do a documentary right now. She’s living on her own wits. She’s just a source of pride for me.”

As for Lily? She’s now setting her sights on a music career.

“Lily is an amazing singer and songwriter,” Kevin said. “She can be a really huge star if that’s what she wanted. I’m not sure she wants that. She’s really gifted. Lily’s way is not to knock doors down. I think she wants a quality of life. She’s seen the quality of life that we’ve had and sometimes the idea of stardom, I think, is a mystery to her. She’s content with performing. She’s not a person who is trying to angle how to go faster and go higher and go larger. It’s just not how she’s built. She has an amazing talent. Does she want to give it to the world? I don’t know.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see which celebrity kids have tried acting — and failed!