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Sharon Stone’s Beloved Children: The Sweetest Photos With Her 3 Sons Roan, Laird and Quinn

Sharon Stone has a house filled with love when it comes to her longtime West Hollywood mansion. She’s the proud mother of three sons, whom she adopted between 2000 and 2006.

The Basic Instinct star married San Francisco newspaper executive Phil Bronstein in 1998. The couple tried to have children naturally, but Sharon suffered from a medical condition made it impossible for her to carry a baby to term. She suffered two miscarriages, five months into each pregnancy. By the second pregnancy, the couple had already made a contingency plan towards adoption.

The actress expressed how alone she felt during her second miscarriage. “When I lost my last baby, and then went back to the hospital and had 36 hours of labor on my own to, of course, birth nothing — and the nurses that had been in the hospital with me two days before when they removed the last baby came in and sat with me on their day off,” Sharon told BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour in April 2021.

She added, “I really felt such a strong sense of sisterhood and understanding. Because I would have been alone. And that’s such an alone feeling anyway.” Fortunately, she wouldn’t be “alone” much longer.

Shortly after the miscarriage, the couple got word from their adoption attorney that they would soon become parents. They welcomed a son, Roan Joseph, in 2000, when he was just one week old. But Sharon and Phil’s marriage was having problems, which was compounded by the actress suffering a September 2001 subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a type of stroke. It left her with short and long-term memory loss, among numerous other ailments.

Sharon and Phil divorced in 2004, and a bitter custody battle ensued. Initially, Roan split his time between his dad’s home in San Francisco and Sharon’s house in L.A. A judge gave primary custody to of Roan to Phil in 2008.

“I would go to these (philanthropic) events where I had to get on stage. I would be in the wings, with people looking at me, my head on the floor, praying: ‘God, please help me. I know I have to go out there and raise money. But I’ve lost my child, I’ve lost my health, I’ve lost everything.’ I was just broken,” she told AARP the magazine in 2012.

Who are Sharon Stone's Sons
Courtesy of Sharon Stone/Instagram

“My main concern is that I support him, I love him and am stead,” she added of Roan, who she was allowed to visit monthly. Now that her son is an adult, the two have grown closer than ever. In 2019, he filed papers to add Sharon’s surname to his, as he’s now known as Roan Bronstein Stone. Mother and son were photographed on a shopping trip together in Beverly Hills on July 9, 2021, as they picked out sunglasses.

Following her divorce from Phil, Sharon became a single mom two times, both through an adoption process. She welcomed son Laird Vonne Stone, who was born on May 7, 2005. The following year he got a little brother when Quinn Stone was born in June 2006.

“I’m loving raising my kids,” Sharon gushed to AARP in 2012. “I’ve made humanitarian causes and my children much more my priority than the Hollywood scene, being liked and getting movie parts.”

The Casino star has instilled the importance of family between the three brothers. “I tell my kids, ‘You’re going to have lots of friends in your life, but your family will be yours for a lifetime. You won’t always talk to each other. But even then, you’ll love them. And if you need someone, that’s who you’ll call,'” she wrote in her March 2021 memoir The Beauty of Living Twice.

“Motherhood didn’t come easily, but it came lovingly to me by angels,” Sharon said in her 2017 acceptance speech when being named Mother of the Year Award at the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs) Mother’s Day Luncheon. “We’re a happy and lucky family. That is the credo we stand for,” she added.

At the event, Sharon revealed to People that Roan was a “gifted glassblower,” who was in “a beautiful period of his development where he’s really finding himself.” Middle son Laird ran cross country “and comes home with mud all over him.” Youngest son, Quinn, was also an athlete, as Sharon revealed he was the quarterback of his flag football team. “Today I got texted video clips of the game, and it’s such a thrill for me,” she revealed.

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