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Sharon Stone’s Best Bikini Photos Over the Years Prove the Actress Is a Timeless Beauty

Sharon Stones body has totally defied Father Time. Even though the stunning actress is in her 60s, she looks half her age in a bikini. Sharon isn’t shy about flaunting her amazing swimsuit figure in photos as a result.

The Basic Instinct star wished fans a “Happy Summer,” in a bright yellow two-piece via Instagram in June 2021. Her long legs and toned abs are still just as enviable today as they were when her breakthrough film came out nearly 30 years ago.

The blonde beauty — who was born in 1958 — has revealed how she maintains her enviable figure in her sixth decade of life. “My favorite breakfast is watermelon with feta cheese and mint, with olive oil and salt and pepper,” Sharon told The Wall Street Journal in a July 2021 profile. “And then, I usually have a piece of gluten-free sourdough toast with that and an herbal tea.”

Sharon also explained that staying physically fit is key. “During Covid … I started devising different things that I just did for myself. I think squats are really important. If you do squats every day, that really does get your whole body together,” she shared.

Sharon Stone Bikini Body Photos
Photo Courtesy of Sharon Stone/Instagram

“I was a martial artist when I was young. I haven’t practiced in decades, but I still like to do my punches,” the actress added on how she works her upper body.

In many of Sharon’s Instagram bikini photos, she’s seen lounging next to the pool in the backyard of her Beverly Hills home. But she also puts it to good use in keeping her figure so lean and tight. “I really like to swim, and I find that [the] butterfly is a really great overall workout for me and a stroke that really works for my body overall,” she revealed to the publication.

Sharon has turned working on her core muscles into a family affair. “I like to plank, and I have [young sons] so we do planking contests to see who can plank the longest,” she shared, explaining that her sons help her keep going for quite a long time as “they can plank for half an hour.”

The Ratched star also says that getting plenty of rest is key to maintaining a healthy body, revealing that now “I need eight” hours of sleep per night. If watermelon breakfasts, swimming and sleep can help one keep a fabulous bikini body into their 60s, it’s time to get with the program!

Scroll down to see Sharon’s sexiest bikini photos over the years and today.