Almost 30 years after Basic Instinct made her a Hollywood phenomenon, some still think of Sharon Stone as a mere sex symbol. In fact, people are always wanting to “see [her boobs],” the Casino actress jokingly reveals in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly.

“I’m 62! It’s like, ‘Really? Grow up!'” Sharon hilariously dishes in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now.


Since reaching her 60s, Sharon has found satisfying work as a character actress. This includes her new scene-stealing role as an eccentric heiress in the new Netflix horror series Ratched, which premiered on September 18.

Aside from her work as an iconic film star, Sharon has also found a private peace that revolves around the three most important men in her life: her three sons, Roan Bronstein, 20, Laird Stone, 15, and Quinn Stone, 14. Dating, however, is not a priority.

“It’s like a comedy,” says Sharon, who was kicked off the Bumble dating app last year because no one believed it was really her. “I wish I’d stayed kicked off it!” she teases.

Despite her dating woes, the still-gorgeous actress is long past fretting about getting older. “I think you have to choose how you want to age,” Sharon says. “I’m sure that I have my own destiny, and I’m now trying to meet it with as much integrity as I can, and be as open to growth as I can be.”


The Total Recall actress — who was previously married to Michael Greenburg and Phil Bronstein — insists she feels grateful just to be able to grow older. In 2001, Sharon nearly died after a massive brain hemorrhage.

“These are life-changing events,” she tells Closer. “You have to be willing to no hang on to the life you had before.”

Ditching the sex symbol label has been part of that. “It’s very hard to shake,” Sharon explains. “Marilyn Monroe did movies that really mattered like Bus Stop [but] everybody expects you to be that all the time…. I mean, I never thought I was that sexy!”