Throughout her decades-long career, Madonna has reinvented her image quite a number of times. The iconic songstress’ kids, however, don’t seem to be the biggest fan of her newest persona — Madame X — as a source recently told Closer Weekly they’re hoping she’ll get rid of her alter ego’s eye patch accessory.

“Madonna’s kids are in agreement. They think she looks like a crazy Halloween pirate,” an insider close to Madonna, 61, exclusively shared of her kids Lourdes Leon, 23, and Rocco Ritchie, 19. The “Like a Virgin” singer’s children are so against the embellished eye-piece, they’ve even “begged her to ditch the eye patch already,” the source added.

Madonna at London Heathrow Airport, Britain - 04 Sep 2011
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Although her kids aren’t on board with her outlandish fashion statement, the insider insisted Madonna is dead-set on keeping the eye patch. “Madonna has a lot of fans who love every wacky thing she does,” the source explained. “Her children, however, don’t.”

The “Like a Prayer” singer first debuted her embellished eye patch — that features a large “X” across the fabric — when she released her music video for her song “Medellín” this past April. In the nearly 7-minute video, Madonna can be seen sporting a bedazzled eye-piece as she appeared alongside singer Maluma.

In June, the blonde beauty — who is also the proud mom of David Ritchie, 14, Mercy James, 13, and 7-year-old twins Estere Ciccone and Stelle Ciccone — opened up about her alter’s egos fashion trends during an appearance on Today. Madonna revealed how she drew inspiration for the complicated persona behind her new “Madame X” album.

Madonna out and about, London, UK - 24 Apr 2019

“She’s a spy. She’s a secret agent. She travels the world. She changes her identity. She sleeps with one eye open. And she travels through the day with one eye shut. She’s actually been wounded. So she’s covering up one of her eyes,” the Grammy Award winner explained at the time.

Madonna shared that when she was 19, her old dance teacher, the legendary Martha Graham, nicknamed her Madame X because she could never “identify” who Madonna was. “I felt the same way, in that moment, recording,” the star continued. “So once I decided the name of my record was gonna be called Madame X, I I had to create a story that was sort of the beginning of Madame X’s journey.”

In a way, Madonna said the eye patch resembles both her vulnerability and fierce strength. “I have my days where I feel like a warrior and invincible. And I have my days where I feel like an open wound. But that’s human, isn’t it?” she asked. “And also, I think that’s the journey of an artist.”

Whether her kids are a fan or not, Madonna’s eye patch is here to stay!

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