During a recent broadcast of Live With Kelly and Mark this month, Kelly Ripa admitted that she felt like she “failed” husband Mark Consuelos.

The shocking confession came after welcoming guest Josh Hutcherson onto the talk show. He revealed that he learned how to speak Spanish because his girlfriend, Claudia Traisac, speaks the language.

“She was like, ‘Mi amor. You have to learn. You have to advance,'” the Hunger Games actor told Kelly, 53, and Mark, 52.

Josh, 31, splits his time between Los Angeles and Madrid while balancing acting and his relationship with the actress.

“See, I believe if you had married a woman that called you ‘mi amor,’ you would learn Spanish,” Kelly said to her husband, to which he replied, “They would have anything they wanted. I would learn anything.”

After a few more moments of lingering on the subject, the Emmy winner said, “I know. I’m sorry. I feel like I failed you, but you know.”

On Riverdale, Mark’s character Hiram Lodge spoke Spanish during some scenes with his costars. But many would be shocked to know that his first language was Italian. The actor was born in Zaragoza, Spain, to an Italian mother and a Mexican father.

“My first language is Italian, so when I do try to speak Spanish, it always comes out like a little wonky and a little like Euro,” Mark admitted during a May 2018 interview with Recap Rewind.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos smile on red carpet
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Haute LivingEugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Haute Living

Despite their surprising conversations on the show and recent on-air spats, Kelly and Mark have proven that their love for one another is everlasting. She even recently revealed her retirement plans during an episode of Live on January 11 after Mark gifted her bridge lessons for Christmas.

“I’ve been dying to take up bridge,” Kelly told viewers. “Here’s my plan: we learn bridge; the next phase to learning bridge is you move to Palm Springs. That is the way it goes. That is the natural progression of your life.”

The Generation Gap host further explained that Palm Springs is a hub for bridge players and hopes her partner is on board with the plan.

“So I am halfway there because I have my bridge lessons, and you’re going to take them with me,” Kelly said. “You will be obligated to move us to Palm Springs, where 90 percent of bridge players live.”