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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is a Natural Beauty! See the ‘Heartbreakers’ Star’s Most Gorgeous Selfies

If you follow Jennifer Love Hewitt on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed all of her amazing selfies. In every single one of them, her skin is gleaming, and she credits her effortless look to limiting her makeup use.

“Well, I’m finding as I get older … less is more,” she told OK! in February 2013. “My 20s were all about buying makeup and not needing moisturizer. And I find my thirties is all about wearing less makeup and more and more moisturizer. I spend more money these days on eye creams and moisturizers than I do on foundations or eye shadows. I’m a big moisturizer, mascara [and] lip gloss girl.”

As for her favorite products? Well, Jennifer said she has a few makeup staples that she can always rely on. “I love the Bonnie Bell lip glosses from CVS. They taste good and they actually last a really long time,” she said. “I also love the MAC Lip Glass that’s clear and makes your lips look really yummy.”

She added, “I love Diorshow mascara — that’s one of my faves. I do love the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and if you add a little water on top it makes you look super dewy.”

Aside from her beauty routine, the Heartbreakers actress keeps herself in shape by hitting the gym whenever she can. “I try to switch it up a bit. I’ve found that if every week I do something different it tricks my muscles into not getting used to doing any one thing. I’ve been doing pilates, I’ve been doing yoga, I’ve done just plain old walking,” she revealed.

“I wear 10-pound weights on my ankles while I’m working just so I’m moving during the day. I’m constantly building muscle. It’s not great for your back but I’m doing it anyway,” Jennifer continued. “I do a booty workout thing that I just did for Shape, which was really fun. And I do Zumba. I have DVDs and I dance around like a crazy person in my house.”

That sounds like fun! No wonder Jennifer looks amazing. She puts time into her appearance.

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