Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a woman of many talents! The 41-year-old showed off her amazing singing voice when she shared a video of herself performing her favorite song “Homecoming Queen?” with husband Brian Hallisay on the guitar.

“Me and hubby playing one of my favs!” she captioned the Instagram clip on Wednesday, April 15. “Hope you like it! @kelseaballerini.” While singing the lyrics, Jennifer kept the camera focused on her. Fans didn’t really get to see Brian’s face until the video was about to end.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and husband

Occasionally, Brian would look over at Jennifer while he played the guitar and fans loved their cover of Kelsea Ballerini‘s song so much that they took to the comments section to express their joy. “Absolutely beautiful. If this were a CD, or on iTunes, I’d purchase it … but only if you were singing it. Thank you so much for sharing,” one person wrote. Another said, “I’ve always loved your voice. Thank you for blessing our timelines, queen.”

Jennifer and Brian, also 41, have been married since 2013 and they share their two kids — Autumn, 6, and Atticus, 4. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the pair have been spending a lot of time together and Brian has even done a few sweet things for Jennifer. For instance, they had a date night at home with flowers, candles and champagne on Thursday, March 26.

Jennifer Love Hewitt husband

“Fresh flowers and a cheers with your husband at the end of a crazy day. Life is beautiful even when it’s scary, complicated, hard, different and totally new in every way,” the actress gushed on Instagram. “We have to take in the good moments and allow those to walk us through the hard moments. I am totally lost these days and beyond grateful. Sending you all love.”

Staying inside hasn’t been ideal for the couple, but they’ve managed to make it work. As soon as it’s safe for them to leave their homes again, Jennifer told the ladies on The Talk that she’s going to “run” out of her house and “hug the first thousand people” that she sees. Sounds like a good plan!