Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt already knows what she’s going to do once coronavirus is over. She revealed what she has planned during the Tuesday, April 7, episode of The Talk.

“I’m going to do either one of two things. I’m either going to run out of my house and hug the first thousand people that I see. Like OK, crazy lady. Or, I’m going to like stay in my house [because] I’ll be too afraid to leave for two weeks to find out if it’s real or not,” she joked. “But I think it’s going to be the first one.”

Jennifer, 41, also revealed the one person she’s dying to see once COVID-19 blows over. “Honestly, there’s this woman who works at my grocery store and her name is Destiny. She checks everyone out and she has worked there for a really long time,” the actress explained. “She’s literally like, I think she’s a prophet or an angel on Earth and I miss her so much. I can’t wait to go to my grocery store and hug Destiny so I can’t wait.” Aww!

Hopefully, the Client List star will be in a good mood once it’s time for her to reunite with her loved ones. While talking to Eve, Marie Osmond, Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sharon Osbourne on The Talk, Jennifer couldn’t help but open up about her struggles with homeschooling her kids.

“I was really frustrated at first, to be honest, [on] just how to do [it],” she explained. “I couldn’t figure out if I had to teach them the way their teacher was teaching them, or teach them in a strict way or whatever.” But thanks to some advice she got from a friend, Jennifer was able to keep her cool and work it out.

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“[She] was like, ‘Look, this is your opportunity to teach your kids your way …. nobody’s doing anything in the world right now the way that they normally do it,’” the mom of two said. “The point is for them to laugh and have fun and to learn … so we’ve really made it our own thing. My daughter said to me yesterday, ‘Hey mom, do you think you could maybe come and be a teacher at my school when this is over?’ It meant a lot to me.”

When Jennifer reunites with Destiny at the grocery store, she’ll have a lot of great stories to tell her!

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