Proud mom Jennifer Love Hewitt is here to save the day! The Ghost Whisperer actress revealed she’s doing everything she can to make this year’s Easter special after she caught her two kids crying over the Easter Bunny.

“It was time to decorate and feel festive. Not sure how to make this Easter feel special yet, but I will,” Jennifer, 41, wrote via Instagram on Monday, March 30. “They deserve it.”

The Client List star — who shares daughter Autumn, 6, and son Atticus, 4, with husband Brian Hallisay — said her little bundles of joy are heartbroken that they can’t go to the mall and take a picture with the Easter Bunny. Since the worldwide coronavirus outbreak became widespread in the U.S., public events have been canceled, schools have been closed and other social distancing measures have been implemented to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

“My kids cried today because they can’t go and see the Easter Bunny,” she explained in her post. “Broke my heart. But damn it, we will find and make magic! Magic happens when you believe. And I do. Sending love to you all.”

Although Jennifer didn’t share any photos of Autumn and Atticus, she did give fans a glimpse of how she’s sprucing up her home for the upcoming holiday on Sunday, April 12. The doting mom showed off her adorable, Easter-themed decorations from Bonjour Fête that included colorful bunnies, eggs and more.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, fans praised Jennifer for always trying to look on the bright side. “They are so lucky to have you!” one user wrote in the comments section of her post, while another added, “Yes! Make magic at home!” A third chimed in, writing, “We hear ya! My kids were having a moment today also.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is seen makeup free with her youngest child, four-year-old son Atticus grocery shopping in Pacific Palisades.

There’s no doubt the I Know What You Did Last Summer actress tries to make the best of every situation. In fact, she revealed how she and her kiddos are making the most of the worldwide pandemic as the beloved singer shared a laughworthy video of her brood talking about coronavirus.

“OK, Atticus, what do you think the coronavirus is?” Jennifer asked her youngster in a video shared on March 24. The little tot quickly fired back, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” As Jen replied, “OK, so you don’t have to,” she moved on to daughter Autumn.

“I think somebody ate a bat and the bat was sick and it got the person sick and there was a tarantula who bit the person and the tarantula was even sicker than the bat,” Autumn explained as the Golden Globe nominee hilariously reacted with relatable expressions, “and then that person had the coronavirus and he was around lots of people and then lots of people got the coronavirus. The end.”

We hope Jen and her kids have a safe and happy Easter!

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