Mom of two Jennifer Love Hewitt was left speechless after she asked daughter Autumn, 6, and son Atticus, 4, if they were up to date on the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The Ghost Whisperer star shared her kids’ hilarious responses via Instagram Stories on Friday, March 20.

“OK, Atticus, what do you think the coronavirus is?” Jennifer, 41, asked her youngster, who quickly fired back, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” The doting mom replied, “OK, so you don’t have to.”

“Autumn, what do you think the coronavirus is?” Jennifer continued. After getting turned down by Atticus, the I Know What You Did Last Summer actress — who shares her two kiddos with longtime husband Brian Hallisay — was shocked when her little girl gave her an earful.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is seen makeup free with her youngest child, four-year-old son Atticus grocery shopping in Pacific Palisades.

“I think somebody ate a bat and the bat was sick and it got the person sick and there was a tarantula who bit the person and the tarantula was even sicker than the bat … ,” Autumn detailed as Jennifer hilariously reacted to her daughter’s reply with relatable expressions, ” … and then that person had the coronavirus and he was around lots of people and then lots of people got the coronavirus. The end.”

After receiving an answer she wasn’t expecting, the former Disney Channel star acknowledged her mini-me’s response with a simple “OK.” LOL!

Since the coronavirus outbreak became widespread in the U.S., Jennifer has shared some posts about being at home with her kids while schools are closed. She’s also offered words of encouragement for those trying to cope with social distancing.

“Hang in there everyone. Faith, love and light are powerful,” she wrote alongside a photo that read, “Let’s just say, my anxieties have anxieties,” on March 12. “Send all you’ve got to everyone around you and our world. We can do this.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt husband
Courtesy of Jennifer Love Hewitt/Instagram

The Client List actress also uploaded gorgeous photos of a mural that she came across while making a few stops before quarantining on March 23. “This was being done on my last car ride before staying home,” she wrote in the caption. “It was beautiful and made me feel good. I hope it does that for you too.”

Thanks for the laugh, Jennifer!

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