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Jaclyn Smith and Husband Brad Allen Are Soulmates! Rare Photos of the Couple Over the Years

Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith found her perfect match! The Hollywood icon married Dr. Brad Allen in 1997 and has had nothing but good things to say about married life ever since. She has stepped out with her hubby for several rare outings over the years, giving longtime fans a glimpse at her loving relationship. 

Jaclyn was married three times before meeting the heart surgeon. She and actor Roger Davis were married from 1968 to 1975. The Texas native later wed Charlie’s Angels guest star Dennis Cole in 1978. The pair were married until 1981. During her third marriage to Tony Richmond, she became a mom to son Gaston, born in 1982, and daughter Spencer Margaret, born in 1985. 

Jaclyn’s marriage to Tony ended in 1989, however, she did not give up on love. The Free Fall actress credits her mom for giving her an extra push to pursue Brad in the first place. 

“My dad was in the hospital having heart surgery and Brad was the surgeon,” Jaclyn told Closer in January 2014. “My mom didn’t want me walking down to the parking garage alone so he would walk me down. Who would’ve dreamed it could have happened? He’s kind and I saw a purity of heart.”

Love blossomed for the couple, who tied the knot in a stunning Los Angeles ceremony seven years after they met. In 2017, the duo celebrated their 20th anniversary by taking a road trip to Arizona. Jaclyn gushed to Closer about her wonderful marriage in March 2017. 

“Looking back over time is wonderful,” she said. “We have similar values and upbringing; spiritually, we think the same.”

When it comes to spending time with her beloved, Jaclyn revealed that there is one place that she holds near and dear to her heart: their stunning Los Angeles estate. 

“Brad and I love home,” she said. “I feel very loved and protected.”

Jaclyn’s home is filled with great memories with Brad and her kids, photos and mementos that mean the world to her. 

“Even when it’s just me, my husband, Brad and the dogs, my house feels full,” she explained in a March 2009 essay for Guideposts. “I’m surrounded by things that have meaning for me. The books remind me of the people who gave them to me, the antiques recall trips to flea markets I’ve taken with friends, counters and tabletops are filled with photos of our family over the years: my wedding to Brad, the children’s baptisms, their graduations, their birthdays, Christmases.”

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