We sat down with America’s Angel Jaclyn Smith to hear how she lives life to the fullest — and to get the scoop on her biggest unfulfilled dream!

It’s been 37 years since Charlie’s premiered. Why do you think it still resonates?

Each of our characters had their own unique personality, yet the show was all very cohesive — it just worked. We really were all good friends and that showed on the screen.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly five years since Farrah passed away.

That’s the hardest part of aging, losing the people you love so much. Farrah passed away before my mother, but in the same year. It was a hard year. I must say, with grief it doesn’t get easier. Farrah chose her own path and was relentless in trying to fight that disease.

Do you still see Cheryl Ladd and Kate Jackson?

I haven’t seen Kate in a while but, as you know, she’s extremely talented and bright and marches to her own drum. Cheryl and I are still very good friends.

Would you ever want to reunite for a project with either of them?

Cheryl and I have tried to find the right script. We still look, but our lives get crazy. My branding keeps me busy traveling because not only do I have Kmart and the skin-care line, I have a fabric line in Tulsa, and a wig line based in Boston.

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You started as a Camay soap girl and now you have a skincare line?

There are seven pieces in the collection. All the products are about anti-aging ingredients with retinol antioxidants and peptides. My husband analyzed my skin care over the years, which really hasn’t changed, and he broke them down. He undertook the project as a labor of love and being a doctor was perfect for doing it.

You’ve been married to Brad for 16 years. Is it true your mother set you up?

Yes! My dad was in the hospital having heart surgery and Brad was the surgeon. My mom didn’t want me walking down to the parking garage alone so he would walk me down. Who would’ve dreamed it could have happened? He’s kind and I saw a purity of heart.

Why does your marriage work?

We have similar values and upbringing. Spiritually, we think the same and he has been an incredible stepfather and loves my kids like his own.

Does love get better with age?

I think so. There is a safe feeling that’s hard to compare to anything else. Just being a true partner, and that person having your back. I feel very loved and protected.

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Brad was by your side when you battled breast cancer in 2002. How’s your health now?

Thank goodness I was diligent with my mammograms and caught it early,
but I still get checked regularly.

What are your tips for staying healthy after 60?

No. 1, sleep is very important. Having a skin-care routine that you don’t have to be a slave to. Exercise. Drinking and smoking — I do neither of those, and smoking is particularly aging. Then, be good to yourself! Every week, or every day, just sit and read a book or soak in the bath.

Speaking of exercise, you used to be a dancer. Would you consider doing “Dancing With the Stars?”

I had a bone spur removed from my foot and I’m having a little trouble. But they have asked me and I would love to do it. It would be a perfect fit given I come from that background, but my standards are very high and I would want to do it right.

How do you feel about aging in Hollywood?

My mom always told me never to talk about money, religion or politics. Maybe now I should include anti-aging! [Laughs] Every stage of life has something special and certainly this one does. I’m hoping soon my kids will have children and that will be another joy. To dwell on looks or the superficial, I don’t think brings happiness. What brings me joy and peace is family.

What are your views, then, on cosmetic surgery?

It’s all up to the individual. If people want to have cosmetic surgery they should but only if it makes them feel better. I must say my mother never did anything and looked beautiful.

It sounds like you’re looking forward to being a grandmother.

I’m going to be the best grandmother! I want to babysit and am looking forward to it. I’m such a homebody that I will be the ideal grandmother in the sense that [my kids] can always bring the babies here. That’ll be fun!

What was your kids’ take on their mom as an actress?

I know my son [Gaston], when he saw a picture of me, would say, “There is Jaclyn Smith.” I was never identified as Mom, and when he was little and asked what I did, he would always say, “My mom is a cleaning lady.” [Laughs] I’m really neat and so is he. I guess I was always cleaning his room and putting toys away!

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Go out on a limb where the fruit is. Do something every day that you don’t want to do — within reason, of course. Step out and do it even if you are frightened.

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