So much fun! Jennifer Love Hewitt and her kids — Autumn, 6, and Atticus, 4 — have found a ton of great things to do while being quarantined at home. The little ones enjoyed a cute arts and crafts project with their mom when Jennifer, 41, bought a paint set for her children to enjoy.

“Art project with the kids today,” the Criminal Minds star said via Instagram on Sunday, April 26, while showing off two beautiful paintings Autumn and Atticus drew of a rainbow. “Paint dots by @michaelsstores, Cotton balls amazon and poster board @michaelsstores! 40 minutes of fun and creativity!”

Jennifer shares her children with husband Brian Hallisay, and amid the coronavirus pandemic, she had to take on the role of a teacher to homeschool her kids. “I was really frustrated at first, to be honest, [on] just how to do [it],” the actress admitted on the April 6 episode of The Talk@Home. “I couldn’t figure out if I had to teach them the way their teacher was teaching them, or teach them in a strict way or whatever.”

After going back and forth with her kids, the “Barenaked” singer decided to turn to her friend for help. “[She] was like, ‘Look, this is your opportunity to teach your kids your way …. nobody’s doing anything in the world right now the way that they normally do it,’” the mom of two explained. “The point is for them to laugh and have fun and to learn … so we’ve really made it our own thing.”

Once the Hot in Cleveland star started homeschooling her kids in her own way, she got a lot of positive feedback from Autumn. “My daughter said to me yesterday, ‘Hey mom, do you think you could maybe come and be a teacher at my school when this is over?’” Jennifer gushed. “It meant a lot to me.”

When Autumn returns to school, she can boast about her mother’s teachings and show off all the great artwork she did at home!

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