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Ava Sambora Has Heather Locklear’s Beauty and Brains! See the Mother-Daughter Duo’s Twinning Photos

Heather Locklear is known in Hollywood for her work as a blonde bombshell and acting heavyweight who starred in classic shows like Melrose Place, T.J. Hooker and Dynasty. But to her daughter, Ava Sambora, the six-time Golden Globe-nominated actress is just “Mom.”

I was never concerned with their fame, if you know what I mean,” the college graduate said to Wingman in 2019, reflecting on her childhood and being raised by Heather and dad Richie Sambora. “It was kind of surreal to come into that realization, because they are just Mom and Dad.”

Ava said it wasn’t until she was older that she understood “how worldwide celebrated” her parents are. “All of a sudden it becomes clear [on] how incredibly talented they are, and it becomes an even bigger privilege for them to be my parents on a larger scale, outside of the day-to-day family basis.”

Heather’s journey to motherhood goes back to the 1990s during her marriage with the former Bon Jovi guitarist. The Perfect Man star and Richie wed in 1994 and started their family, welcoming their only child, Ava, on October 4, 1997.

Throughout the early years of Ava’s childhood, Heather and Richie raised their girl together while juggling their separate careers as A-listers. When Ava was just 8 years old, though, Heather filed for divorce, and their split was finalized more than a year later in 2007.

Despite going their separate ways, the Spin City actress and Richie have maintained a beautiful coparenting relationship. In 2014, the iconic musician opened up about the end of their romance, saying the two will always respect each other.

“Time does heal old wounds. I mean, I still love Heather and I know she loves me,” Richie told People. “She’s the mother of my child, man. What can you say?”

Aside from showing Ava that they’re willing to put their differences aside, Heather’s mini-me said her mom is teaching her so many important lessons about life. Because Ava wants to follow in Heather’s acting footsteps, the Los Angeles native is passing down her tips and tricks for paving a successful career.

“The best advice my mother ever gave me was not to take everything so personally,” Ava told Wingman. “There are going to be a thousand times you’ll hear ‘no,’ but it only takes a few yeses, and waiting for those yeses will be worth it, and I think that’s such an important mindset to have in this business.”

With Heather’s beauty and brains, there’s no doubt Ava is going to go far!

To see a roundup of the mother-daughter duo’s best twinning pics, scroll through the gallery below.