She may be on her way up in Hollywood, but Ava Sambora doesn’t shy away from being known as the daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. In a recent interview with Wingman magazine, the 21-year-old opened up about taking advantage of having two hugely well-known stars as her parents.

“I was never concerned with their fame, if you know what I mean,” Ava told the outlet. “It was kind of surreal to come into that realization, because they are just Mom and Dad, and then all of a sudden it becomes clear just how world-wide celebrated they are, and how incredibly talented they are, and it becomes an even bigger privilege for them to be my parents on a larger scale, outside of the day-to-day family basis.”

Actress Heather Locklear and her daughter Ava Sambora (R) arrives at the premiere of "Justin Bieber: Never say Never
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In fact, it wasn’t until her later teenage years that Ava began to embrace her parents’ industry experience. “As I got older, I learned to appreciate it more — especially since I would love to follow in my mother’s footsteps,” she said.

And if those footsteps led her to a role on the 2017 reboot of Heather’s hit show Dynasty — the 57-year-old landed her breakthrough role on the show in 1981 playing Sammy Jo Carrington — Ava didn’t think twice about whether or not she’d take it. “Oh, my God, of course I’d be interested!” she said of the prospect. “I think the reboot is great, and it inspires me to go check out the old episodes of the original. I actually like what they did with my mother’s character because it was [so] different and ultimately timely. It would be an absolute privilege to be on that show!”

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Ava also revealed that she’s gotten plenty of advice about breaking into showbiz from her famous mama. “The best advice my mother ever gave me was not to take everything so personally,” the blonde beauty stated. “There are going to be a thousand times you’ll hear ‘no,’ but, it only takes a few yeses, and waiting for those yeses will be worth it, and I think that’s such an important mindset to have in this business.”

Ava added, “There could be a million reasons why they don’t want you for a part, and it’s not always because you’re not good enough, it might just be because there was another girl that looked more like what they envisioned, or maybe they already had another girl signed on, or whatever it is. So, it’s important not to take it all personally because the yeses will come.”