In the 1990s, they inhabited the most famous apartment complex in West Hollywood where catfights, clandestine affairs and crazy plots made must-see television. Recently, the cast of Melrose Place came together online to reminisce and raise money for The Actors Fund. “There were so many fights. I don’t even remember them!” said Heather Locklear, who played Amanda, during a livestream of Stars in the House.

Over Melrose’s seven seasons, which ran from 1992 to 1999, the cast became close. Doug Savant, who played Matt, and Laura Leighton, aka Sydney, have been married since 1998. Still, the entire gang agrees that there was nothing sexy about filming love scenes. “You’re always worried about your breath,” said Grant Show, who played Jake. “Everyone tries to make light of it and find the humor and weirdness of it all,” added Laura.

Melrose Place - 1992-1999

Marcia Cross admits that she still has not lived down the moment her character, Kimberly, removed her wig and revealed a gruesome scar. “When it aired and it was a big deal, I was shocked,” she recalled. “It’s like, ‘OK, she’s crazy.’”

Other characters dabbled in madness, too. Courtney Thorne-Smith recalled how previously sweet Alison manipulated Andrew Shue’s Billy after being hurt in an explosion at the apartment. “When I was blind, Billy was really nice to me, so after I got my sight back, I pretended that I was still blind,” said Courtney, admitting that Alison “was a bit troubled.”


The antics of their characters may have been removed from reality, but all the actors agreed that Melrose Place still holds a special place in their hearts. “It would be fun to play Amanda again,” said Heather, “at the ripe old age of whatever!

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