Nothing but laughs! Gordon Ramsay shared the hilarious way he’s been keeping 1-year-old son Oscar — and apparently himself too — entertained in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Hell’s Kitchen star uploaded the funniest video of him chauffeuring his youngest child around their backyard.

“Taxi for @oscarjramsay,” Gordon, 53, captioned a super cute video of his little man sitting on a giant stuffed elephant with wheels. After attaching a long rope to Oscar’s adorable toy, the culinary expert joked about their days in quarantine as he pulled him around the yard.

“OK, this is what afternoons have resulted to,” he said while bursting into laughter. “Oscar, hey!” The adorable youngster held on tight to the toy’s handlebars while his famous dad offered some awesome entertainment.

“I’m making him ride — stay on, stay on!” Gordon continued while dog Bruno jumped around in the background. “Stay on, stay on, stay on!” After Oscar got a hang of the thrilling activity, the Michelin star chef kicked it up a notch. “Here we go,” he yelled. “Faster now!” So adorable!

Although Gordon could barely keep it together by how much he was chuckling, his Instagram followers pointed out that Oscar looked a lot less enthused about their father-son shenanigans. “Seems like he doesn’t like it that much [laughing with tears emoji],” one fan wrote, while another echoed, “He entertains you guys more!” A third joked, “He’s gonna be one hell of a critic.”

When he’s not spending his time in the kitchen, you can pretty much always find Gordon hanging out with Oscar, his wife, Tana Ramsay, and their eldest kids, Megan, 22, Jack and Holly, 20, and Matilda, 18.

Earlier this month, the Kitchen Nightmares star — who tied the knot with Tana, 45, in 1996 — gathered his entire gang together to celebrate Oscar’s milestone first birthday. The proud dad gave fans a glimpse inside the epic celebration via Instagram Live on April 4.

While he initially began streaming on his social media account to take part in a food challenge with his daughters, Gordon took a moment to honor his little man’s first trip around the sun.

“Today’s a very special day because — and you can hear the clattering in the background — it’s somebody’s birthday!” he gushed at the time. “Now let’s start out this cook-a-long live singing a very happy birthday to our dear, beloved son Oscar … who is 1 today.”

“Where is he?” Gordon asked while wrangling his other kiddos around the birthday boy. “He is in the [toy] kitchen! Hey Oscar! Oscar!” The famous family then began singing “Happy Birthday” until the little bundle of joy burst out in tears.

“The cake — god bless him. Dude, happy birthday,” Gordon joked with Oscar as Tana held him in her lap. “I know you’re upset because I just pulled you out the kitchen — that is why,” he teased. “Here we are, here’s the cake. 1 … 2 … 3 … make a wish!”

There’s no doubt Gordon is keeping us entertained with his adorable video of Oscar!

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