Time to party! Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana Ramsay rang in their youngest son Oscar‘s 1st birthday on Saturday, April 4. The beloved chef and his longtime lover celebrated their little man’s milestone with heartwarming tributes via Instagram.

“Happy happy first birthday to this little boy,” Gordon, 53, gushed alongside the most adorable snapshot with his little bundle of joy. “Have a great day Oscar — love you, Daddy.”

Tana, 45, also couldn’t help but boast about her special birthday boy on social media. “Happy happy first birthday, little man,” the proud mom wrote. “This year has flown by and we are just so grateful to share it with you — our absolute joy x have the best day, little one.”

Along with their sweet messages, Gordon and Tana — who tied the knot in 1996 — also each uploaded a pic of little Oscar. While the Hell’s Kitchen star can be seen holding the cute tot on his shoulders in his post, Tana shared a pic of pajama-clad Oscar inside a fort. Aww!

Fans joined in on the birthday celebrations as they wished Oscar a special day in the comments section of their posts. “Lol his angry face is so cute, happy birthday, Oscar,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Where did the time go? Happy first birthday, baby Oscar!” A third fan chimed in, “Such a gorgeous little boy! Happy birthday, Oscar.”

Although the Kitchen Nightmares star shares an undeniable bond with his mini-me Oscar, he’s also the proud dad of his and Tana’s eldest children, Megan, 22, Jack and Holly, both 20, and Matilda, 18. Gordon gave fans a super sweet glimpse inside his life as a dad as he went on Instagram Live on April 4.

The iconic food critic initially began streaming on his social media account to take part in a food challenge with his daughters. “I attempt to make a Lamb Chop in 10 minutes,” he explained in his post. However, Gordon took a moment out of his Instagram Live to celebrate Oscar’s 1st birthday.

“Today’s a very special day because — and you can hear the clattering in the background — it’s somebody’s birthday!” the doting dad gushed. “Now let’s start out this cook-a-long live signing a very happy birthday
to our dear, beloved son Oscar … who is one today.”

Gordon then stepped out of the kitchen and made his way around the house to his adorable birthday boy. “Where is he? … He is in the kitchen! Hey Oscar! Oscar!” After gathering his other kiddos around the youngster, the famous family began singing “Happy Birthday.” Funny enough, Oscar began crying just moments after they starting belting out the celebratory tune.

“The cake — god bless him. Dude, happy birthday,” Gordon said to his son as Tana cradled him in her arms. “I know you’re upset because I just pulled you out the kitchen — that is why,” Gordon joked. “Here we are, here’s the cake. 1 … 2 … 3 … make a wish!”

Considering Oscar wasn’t too thrilled with his birthday surprise, the Michelin star chef quickly ventured back into the kitchen. We bet Oscar had the best birthday otherwise!