Fans of Good Bones were elated to see project manager Cory Miller back in action with costar Karen E. Laine in a new Instagram post.

“[Cory] visited my little Wilmington house!” Karen, 61, captioned a photo on the social media platform on December 17. “So much fun and nice to have an extra brain and good attitude for problem solving.”

The DIY expert recently purchased a new home in Wilmington, North Carolina, that she is completely renovating with the intention of living there during her retirement. HGTV lovers are hoping to see Karen and Cory tackle the project together in a new show in the future.

“I would love to see you both back on screen. You have so much fun energy and very relatable,” one person commented under the post.

Another fan wrote, “You two were great on the show! Hope to see more of you.”

HGTV has yet to officially announce a spinoff show for Karen, however, it looks like her new home renovation is already being documented by cameras. On December 5, Cory shared photos on his Instagram Story as a producer set up a GoPro in his car. Karen sat next to him in the passenger seat with her dog in her lap.

In July, an HGTV crew arrived in Wilmington to begin filming a home renovation, according to a permit obtained by the Wilmington Star-News. The show’s cast consists of two people and was set to be filmed by a crew of six, according to the outlet. No further details were provided at the time.

Good Bones' Cory Reunites With Karen Amid Drama With Mina
Courtesy of Karen E. Laine/Instagram

So far, HGTV has greenlit a two-episode spinoff show for Karen’s daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk, whom she costarred with on Good Bones. Mina, 39, purchased a lake house in Indiana that she is currently renovating with the help of costar MJ Coyle.

While a united front was presented by Mina, Karen, Cory, MJ and their costars during Good Bones season 8, that is not the case in real life. Mina revealed in an October 23 episode of her podcast that MJ is “probably” her only castmate that is “not mad” at her following tension and drama on the set of the show. She also shared that she “does not talk” to Karen or brother Tad Starsiak.

Though it seemed like Mina was on good terms with Cory following the show’s series finale on October 17, fans were shocked to learn that was not the case.

“Cory and I are not on speaking terms. I am positive that there are things he feels like I did to him, and I have known him since he was 11, and I’ve always had a soft spot for him,” Mina told podcast listeners during a December 12 episode.