Chynna Phillips revealed that was set to have a 14-inch tumor removed from her leg. While the tumor wasn’t cancerous, the Wilson Phillips singer was still scared about the upcoming procedure.

How Long Has Chynna Phillips Had a Tumor on Her Leg?

Chynna explained that she’s had the tumor since she was a little girl. However, she didn’t reveal if the tumor was having adverse effects on her health and just revealed that doctors would be removing it.

“I have a tumor in my left leg,” Chynna said in a video uploaded to her YouTube account on April 22, 2024. “They don’t know if I was born with it or not. It’s totally benign, but it is large, and I’m talking very, very large. It’s like 14 inches long and four inches wide.”

Why Is Chynna Phillips Scared About Having the Tumor Removed?

Chynna titled the video, “My Worst Fear Came True,” and gave fans a summary in the description.

“The one thing that I never imagined could happen to me did,” Chynna wrote in the video’s description. “I am so upset with myself for not seeing the writing on the wall. This goes to show that it could actually happen to anybody! Join me on my California walk around the holy block as I process all that’s happened.”

Despite having anesthesia “so many times,” including when she had her breast implants removed, the “Hold On” songstress said that anesthesia was something she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with.

Chynna Phillips to Have 14-Inch Tumor Removed: Updates
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“I’m absolutely petrified of anesthesia, and I don’t know, I just feel like it’s the closest thing to death going under; I mean, it actually is,” Chynna said as she filmed herself taking a walk in Los Angeles, California. “It’s the closest thing to being dead, which is probably not the best way for me to be processing anesthesia, but I can’t help it.”

However, the “Dream Is Still Alive” singer said that she was going to turn to prayer as a way to overcome her fear.

“I know that Jesus can help me with this if I radically surrender, you know?” Chynna added.

When Is Chynna Phillips Having the Tumor in Her Leg Removed?

Chynna revealed that the surgery planned in “eight weeks” would be the fifth time doctors have operated on that leg.

“I’m not complaining,” she continued. “I’m just saying that I’ve had lots of surgeries. I’m sick of it. I don’t like anesthesia and I’m just kind of going in kicking and screaming.”

Chynna added, “It just sucks they have to make a new incision, and I already have a one foot scar on my left leg. Now, I’m going to have one on the interior of my left leg, and it’s just frustrating.”