We love you, Goldie Hawn! The actress has starred in more than 25 movies throughout her illustrious Hollywood career, including Private Benjamin, Overboard, and The First Wives Club, just to name a few!

Before coming back to the big screen for Snatched with Amy Schumer, Goldie took a 15-year-long hiatus from Hollywood. She previously opened up about her break from the spotlight. “A break from anything we do sometimes is a good thing,” she said. “I forgot how much fun [acting] was. I came out going, ‘I could do it again!'”

When her daughter, Kate Hudson, asked her what took her so long to return to acting, she replied, “Because I believe that life is about doing. It’s about changing. It’s about transitioning. I can’t imagine, as a human being, not being able to grow.”

Goldie continued, “When I turned 50, I asked some of my girlfriends, all actresses of the same age, ‘What are we going to do now?’ I wanted to go live somewhere for a while, learn archaeology, or take part in healing the world on some level. I wanted to dig deep and say, ‘Who am I now? What do I have to offer? What do I have to learn?’ I started learning about the brain, psychology.” Luckily she decided to return to the big screen — and we’re so glad she did!

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