Despite being one of Hollywood’s newest “It” girls, Amy Schumer admits it’s been difficult to fit into the mold of a trim leading lady.

During a candid new interview on Live! with Kelly and Michael where she dished on being pressured to lose weight for her latest movie, the actress compared her size to host Kelly Ripa — who is thought to weigh less than 110 pounds and wear a size 0.

amy schumer

Amy, Kelly and Michael Strahan on Thursday, July 16, 2015.

“Can I touch your waist? Can I stand behind you? I want to see how many of you… I’m two of you!” Amy, 34, said while pulling Kelly, 44, out of her chair to demonstrate how just how tiny the TV personality is.

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The Emmy nominee then opened up about working with a personal trainer to shed a few pounds for Trainwreck — and confessed she was basically told by movie executives to stop eating in order to lose weight.

amy schumer

Amy in Trainwreck.

“They were like, ‘No more food for you.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t you need that to live?’ And they were like ‘That is a myth!'” she joked.

Then her trainer asked Amy to start following a meal plan — that hardly included any sustenance! “It was like a smoothie for breakfast, and then for lunch… you journal about that smoothie. There’s no food! That’s the Hollywood secret… don’t put food in your mouth. And I’m proud to say I lost three pounds,” she quipped.

Watch Amy’s interview on Live! in the clip below!